Sunday, April 25, 2010

.mother lover.

it was just so fantastic to have my mom come visit me in portland. during the four days she was here, we packed in as much as possible. lots of hiking, walking and tasting occured, as well as memories, stories and life discussions were had. just amazing.

steel bridge over the river

cheers to beers at amnesia!

out on the coast near cannon beach, yes, that's haystack rock in the background

ecola state park

this is where we had the unfortunate event of the westy breakdown. getting towed back to portland by a guy named ken was the adventure!

back in portland after a long day of shopping, we treated ourselves to 1/2 price martini's at bartini

the following day we rented a car and drove through the columbia river gorge, hiking multnomah falls... beautiful oregon :)

600 feet, 1.25 miles, and 11 switchbacks later, we made it to the top!

"look at those crazy trees!"

"i love it here"

climbing down to bridal veil falls

a visit to oregon wouldn't be complete without a brewery tour. full sail in hood river was just the place for a pint and a tour!

double mountain and laurelwood topped it off.

all in all, i can't wait for my parents to join me again out here! Next time, July, for berry picking and lots of awesome festivals and art faires!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

this is to...

this, as...

this is to...


ahhhh, the couple I live with.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

.farm fresh.

the rains have continued and the trees are filling up.
and my allergies are in full bloom.
spring in portland is beautiful.

a friend and I took advantage of the "non-rainy-morning" this weekend to make our first trip out to sauvie's island. kruger farms had it's opening weekend and we took full advantage of the reasonable priced produce. we also took a stroll around the farm with Riley the dog.

Riley-roo prefers the chickens.

tired and muddy but happy!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

.india. i miss thee.

it's almost been a year since this...

i can't believe the feelings i have when i remember the almost 4 months i spent in this beautiful and challenging country. the experience and friends i made will stay with me always.


Saturday, April 3, 2010

.portland japanese garden.

even though the weather has been super rainy and in my opinion, depressing, there is a beauty in an overcast sky and deep blue horizons

the japanese garden in portland has always been one of my favorite tranquil spots to pace slowly while letting my thoughts take a rest.

a very brave squirrel followed us down the hill on our way home.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


not that these have anything to do with "april fools"... however, maybe a little to do with easter? in any event, too funny not to share.


i seriously enjoy the looks on their egg faces, if i were facing my "crack" death, i would be the one in the far back right.