Wednesday, January 30, 2008

raspberry (and red) beret.

I guess I have been missing France lately...
Raspberry beret (children's size) - It's just a simple hat pattern, just smaller ;)
Red pretty puffs slouchy hat (sorry, no close up)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


It all started with this...
and ended up like a real piece of clothing!
This shrug was fun, but I would have definitely made it smaller if I were to do it again. I made the size Medium but it turned out more like a large fit, which happens to be OK since the yarn is a bit chunky... it's warm and bulky, and my first piece of clothing (for adults!) :)
Detailed sleeve
Detail Back
+.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.+ shhhhhhrug.+

Saturday, January 26, 2008

case your pillows.

I have always wanted to make pillow cases for some of my IKEA pillows that need a face lift. However, I am frugal when it comes to spending money on my crafts, and I do not have any zippers, unless I take apart the current cases the decorative pillows are in.

If you have ever bought regular pillow cases from IKEA (the ones for your bed) you know that they have an extra pillow flap on the inside to keep the case from coming off.... so I put together a decorative pillow case out of silk fabric scraps with a fold in the opening to keep the pillow in! Eventually when I find a superb deal on buttons or old zippers I will secure it a little better, but for now this works great!

Side one
Side two
Now if I can only get Jude to sleep on a pillow instead of the computer!
+.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.+ naps.+

Friday, January 25, 2008

baby hoodie.

So, since I made a baby girl sweater a few posts ago, I had to try to make this hoodie. I used a pattern found on the Bernat website. (Baby Hoodie) I guess I have just been so thrilled that I can actually make clothing that I have been going a little overboard. Oh well, a little warmth never hurt anyone (unless you a homeless guy on a corner by a bagel shop, who, when offered a bagel refuses because he doesn't like what's in the bagel)
Now, I didn't have much for buttons and I was trying to go for a real simple look, so although they are bold, I think it works!
The pattern I used was for a 12 month old, but the hood turned out to be a bit big.

When the hood is down, as you can see, the sweater looks a little better. Come to think about it, babies and toddlers do have bigger heads in comparison to their bodies, so it might be a good fit!


I am not quite sure if the buttons will hold with the loops I made. Trial and error seems to be my way of making things. With this hoodie, I tried a zipper first, only to tear it out and replace it with buttons. When I sent it to my friend, I told her in the note to make any changes if it doesn't work when she puts it on her baby. The only model I have is my cat.... and well.... she doesn't appreciate being dressed, at all.
On another note... it has been dry all week here and the weather has been shinning down on some lovely sun-filled mornings. It has been perfect for those late morning strolls through the park, but still brisk enough to make you chill a little :)
+.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.+ sun.+

Thursday, January 24, 2008

brimmed hats.

Chilly weather calls for warm noggins. Most of my friends and family are bearing the brutal cold in North Dakota and Minnesota. So to keep their heads warm I have been making some traditional beanies. To add a little city to it, I have been adding brims. These are just single brims so they don't stick out like a baseball cap, but they can help to keep foreheads nice and toasty!

This one was sent in the mail to someone who has a birthday tomorrow.

And this one I made for my brother in the coldest part of North Dakota, who may or may not be dreading his hair. (I thought the colors were appropriate!)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

fingerless gloves.

A set of fingerless gloves I created. I just went with the flow, no pattern. It's a great stash buster! wrists.+

Monday, January 21, 2008


Breaking away from the crocheting for a bit, I did a little sewing. I am not a seamstress, but I do like to dabble in a lot of things. I do not work off patterns well (I really do not know how to use patterns) so I usually just wing it. I have made quite a few things, some turn out and some don't! During my time in Bismarck, I stopped by a local nickel-and-dime store that was going out of business. I picked up six 1/2 yard cotton fabrics for around $2. I loved the patterns! I made two larger bags that have served me very well at the grocery store, and just hauling things around in general!

My intention was to make them reversible, which definitely worked, but I usually don't reverse them! They are a perfect length from handle to ground for my height, maximum use of space!

I just love the fabric on either side of this bag.

We hiked Forest Park this weekend. It was a nice hike before the colder weather set in. Well, cold for here (30's). I guess if you compare it to what we are used to, it's tropical!

I could have spent all day outside. I love it! (But I don't love hiking boots) boots and bags.+

Thursday, January 17, 2008

laptop cover.

Covering things has been a past time around here these days. Maybe it's the chill in the air or wanting to keep things warm, but it's getting a little crazy! (Well, not really.)
My laptop is one of those wide screen Dell (it's a monster) computer's and often I do not want to use the bag it comes with. I would rather carry the computer in my messenger bag. The problem I was having with this is my laptop kept getting bumped, nicked and scratched. Solution: laptop cover! It is just crocheted like a satchel or purse. I used snaps on the flap cover to hold it in place.
Ready to go! (to keep up my blogging!) covers.+

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

baby sweater.

First off, I need to explain my attention span. Short. There i said it. I never really wanted to accept it, but, after realizing I can't sit still in silence for very long, I know it to be true. I like short projects that I can finish. I don't like to plan things out, which means, I just buy supplies with no project in mind. Usually this seems to work out quite well! I seem to use everything I have and try to waste little.
Lately, however, I have been challenging myself to take on bigger projects that might take several days or *cringe* weeks! This little sweater is easing me into the idea that I CAN crochet clothes! It's from the pattern Baby It's Cold Outside on Crochet Me. It only took one morning, so it wasn't as bad as I thought!
I am very happy with the results!
Once again, the puff blossom pattern is from Teresa Franco Designs. I am in love with how easy and cute the blossoms come out. I am sure you will see them on later projects as well!
My friend's 7-month old daughter is one lucky lady! I hope she fits into it! I made the 12-month old pattern, so hopefully she can get some use out of it!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

cold feet.

Another notable change in the process of adapting to a new climate and home is warmth. In our condo in MPLS, we were on the first floor, the boiler was right below us, so even in the dead of winter, we kept a window cracked because it was so warm.
Now, being on the 5th floor, with only one radiator and single pane windows, it gets a little chilly. I have always had "hot feet syndrome". If my feet were warm or hot, I was seriously uncomfortable. Shoes, covers, anything! My feet were so sensitive! Now, they are basically just cold all the time.
I made these fun little slippers from an altered pattern found here. Something was off, either my yarn or my needle gauge, but I didn't have room for the strap, so they just became these simple slippers that provide just enough warmth!
+.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.+ toes.+

Monday, January 14, 2008


I love sushi. I love veggie sushi. I really love this new pot holder that looks like some yummy sushi. I took a pattern that was intended for a toilet paper roll cover and modified it to my liking :)
It's perfect for my little All-Clad sauce pan, especially on those chilly mornings making oatmeal and eating it right out of the pan! (Two reasons for this... since we moved we have no microwave and no dishwasher, so I make my oatmeal on the stove and eat right out of the pan to not dirty another dish) oh, and P.S. I love not having a dishwasher or microwave, it really simplifies life a little more ;)
Yesterday was a beautiful CLEAR day! We spent it walking around (of course) and riding the MAX (light rail) to the end of the line.
Mt. St. Helen's, a view from our kitchen
Mt. Hood, a view from the entrance to Washington Park

And, me, posing for one of five pictures Ben took... he wouldn't leave me alone! ha!
+.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.+ and mountains.+

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Yesterday, finally, we seriously got on our bikes. It was a day of sprinkles, but since moving here, it's just something you deal with. The rain is just another daily occurrence, like wind or snow.
We haven't really had a good ride in two months. Two months is a long time when riding up a huge mound! We rode to the top of Mt. Tabor and down around the city. We stopped for some tea, coffee and vegan muffins at The Fresh Pot on Hawthorne. We totaled around 16 miles. It was quite enjoyable! I really miss my bike, and my bike misses the pavement.
When returning home, I referenced this great book I received for the holidays from my sister-in-law. I have been slowly turning vegan and looking at cookbooks, to my surprise I got one in the mail. love.
Ben received bicycle pasta :) Although not completely vegan (there are egg whites in the ingredients) I decided to whip up a rewarding and healthy meal to replenish us after a long journey!

Basil pesto steamed veggies (red pepper, broccoli, mushrooms, red onion, tomatoes) on top of Italian seasoned olive oil bicycle pasta, side salad, lemon water, and of course a couple of brews! pasta.+