Wednesday, August 8, 2007


"Geez... my kitchen sink drain is clogged, well draining slowly"

(Went to Walgreens to buy Drano)

(Used Drano, doesn't work)

(Feel guilty for using Drano, bioHAZARD)

(Went to Walgreens to buy vinegar, no vinegar)

(Calls Plumber)

"Can you come over, my kitchen sink isn't draining"

(Plumber comes, uses a long scrub brush thing, and leaves all in 10 minutes, says he's giving me a break and charges $98)

"I think I am in the wrong profession" I say to myself all last night.

$98 is a full day of work for me. All to take a scrub brush down my pipe.

Peace. no LOVE for you.

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