Tuesday, July 13, 2010

long long time.

minneapolis treats me well every time i return

in june i had the great chance to see my favorite singer/songwriter for the 4th time in a beautiful setting, the oregon zoo

between all the rain we had in june here in portland, a few sunny days left our skin enjoying every ounce of vitamin d

everyone was enjoying the great weather during sunday parkways

over the 4th of july i took the long trek back home to north dakota. i believe i saw everyone under the sun and state in the usa. family and friends from far and wide gathered this year in mandan for family reunions, birthday parties, and my 10 year class reunion. thank you leslie for the great conversation and reminding me to keep up my blog~

mandan hosts one of the largest parades every year on the 4th of july. this year was no different. it was great to see the pride of the state!

through all the craziness, i even had time to make a special trip out to minnesota and meet my best friend and her son for dinner. it was a quick but much needed hello :)


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Leslie said...

Thanks for updating us:)
Love ya
Oh yea, and I love the first pic!