Tuesday, January 11, 2011


it's been unseasonably cold (an no rain!) here in portland the last few days and my craftiness has taken me towards creating some warm lovelies!

this beret style hat was created with all my scrap yarn from other projects.

well, i usually buy scrap yarn from SCRAP

so i guess it is a normal hat i would make. 
does that make sense?


here is a scarf i whipped up sunday afternoon... 
i must be feeling awfully chilly!

it's long enough to wrap around my chin and neck two full times with little tails.
i may end up putting buttons on one end for a "scarflet" look.

"I" hook, 18 double crochet across, 
stitching in the horizontal bar across the back of the double crochet stitch, 
113 rows


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