Thursday, November 29, 2007

In transition...

I am actually going to try to keep up this blog, it may be the easiest way too keep people informed (if they want to be) on our where-abouts and what's going on!

Ben is currently in Minneapolis finishing up repairs on our condo and finishing his last week in the office. Saturday, December 1st two lovely people will be moving into our Uptown condo and renting from us!

I have been tirelessly searching online for either a sublet or a month to month apartment just to get ourselves out to Portland. It's pretty difficult making a decision online about an apartment so we want to get into something short-term while we apartment search and feel out the city.

While in Mandan (Bismarck), I have been finding extra time to spend with family. Having lunch with my aunts, taking my small cousins to the movie, having coffee with my grandma... things like that. I really can't believe it has been a year since I have been home. I guess that month in Europe really took out a big portion of 2007!

I am really missing biking though. It's tough in Bismarck, especially this week. It has been SO windy and negative degree wind chills. I did go for a long ride on Sunday and it made me realize how much smaller it is here to get across the city... even with 40 mph wind gusts! Ha!

As soon as Ben joins me in good 'ol NoDak we will make a more definite plan. I don't want to get too comfortable before packing up again!

Jude is doing fine, except for being scared to death of my dad... he's really not an animal guy. She has found comfort being able to explore the huge house!!!

Peace and joy... more soon!

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