Friday, January 4, 2008


I am finding it oddly welcoming here in Portland. I don't mind the rain (ask me again in 2 months), the beers are mighty tasty, and our place feels comfortably like home.

The transit system is rockin'! Other than some debates about "Fareless Square" continuing to be fareless... things are working nicely. Really, I am not sure I am actually going to be using the system that much, deciding even not to get a pre-paid pass. Walking here is much easier and just as quick. From my door to the furthest edge of downtown is only a 30 minute walk. That's right friends, I said WALK. Now on to the cycling talk....

Since living on the top (5th) floor is magical and all, it has had one major drawback. Getting my bicycle into our little elevator (one pull door and a sliding metal gate) and down to the first floor has proven to be a difficult task. Combining that with little patience equals disaster.

I have contemplated storing my bike outside, but in all this rain I wouldn't want my vintage Marie to get all rusty and beat up so for now, she lives in the living room.

I do however need to discuss the biking here... it is a culture all it's own. It's a very nice way to live when motorists are required to stop for pedestrians in any marked or UNMARKED crosswalks. They also have a great sense to share the road with cyclists. Below is a picture warning motorists to watch for cyclists in the lane to their right before they make a right hand turn... if only they had those in Minneapolis on Hennepin, would there be less bike/car run-ins. (Clears throat).

Beer is good. That's all I really need to say. There are plenty of local brews that I haven't tasted yet. I have really only put a dent in what is offered here. I have made a vow while living here to never order a Miller, Bud, or Coors. Now I know why they are sometimes refereed to as "piss water". hehe.

On the job front, I am still looking. I have narrowed down what I would like to NOT do in a job, and I also have a list of things that I love doing. I guess it's the first time I am really taking TIME to figure it out and head in a new direction. In the mean time I am discovering the city and keeping up on some crafts.

The Beast is overjoyed that we put our rug out. It's now her favorite toy. She is easily pleased.

And over there... yep, that's a bridge. And down there, that's another bridge.

And check out over there, that's a bridge too! Schweeeeet.

+peace.water. & bridges+

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