Friday, April 17, 2009

Less than 24 hours to departure, then on my way to 24 hours of travel. I knew this day would come, I really just can not believe it is here already! I have gotten the chance to talk/text with some very important people in my life and I am overwhelmed with joy and love for the warm support they have offered me.

The experience before me is something I have dreamed about doing and without the support of my Benny it really wouldn't be possible. The first time he heard me mention it he was behind me 100%... We have had millions upon millions of conversations about this and are excited about what we are going to learn from it. I think we have a little bit of an unconventional relationship, but he is my best friend, love and soul mate. Thank you hubba for the patience, support and love!


Moving on from all that mushiness: I am going to miss this one too!

oh, beast buddy!

Here I go! For those of you that read this... I hope you find this as interesting as I hope to!

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