Tuesday, April 7, 2009

.biking, hiking, and soaking up portland.

it all started on saturday, the beauty of portland began to show through the clouds, and it proved itself with a beautiful weekend. all the pasties (white portlanders that do not see sun for months) came out for some valuable vitamin d

west side waterfront park

hawthorne bridge

it never gets old, whenever i find a swing, i swing, and love every minute of it

gazing at fly-fisherman in a city pond

blossoms for everyone to enjoy

we ended up taking a nap in some grass and sunshine for over an hour. everyday should be like this.

i love my bike, especially since i added these sweet ribbons

funny article at "the basement pub"

ben's gloves - he loves them as holey as they are

a sweet and savory IPA at the "green dragon"


so then on sunday we took a serious urban hike through the huge parks that portland is known for. it was amazing and we remembered why we moved here!

on our way to Council Crest in SW portland

view of mt. hood from council crest

view of st helens from council crest

we also came upon "pestiside free park", i laughed, only in portland

what a freaking good weekend... do i dare say "perfect"?


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