Saturday, March 14, 2009

.we love to walk.

Having Ben home only on the weekends makes us really take advantage of the city every minute we can. Last weekend was beautiful for walking around and we really love the fact that we CAN walk around the city very easily from where we live.

Along the way we saw a new MAX car that was not in service. We took some time out to observe people trying to get on it and talking about the differences between the generations of MAX cars we have been on, so interesting!

We hiked up into the west hills and got some awesome views of the city.

VooDoo donuts was tempting but the line was around the corner of the block so we just kept walking.

Signs of spring are all around. A little later this year than normal because of the colder weather, but it's coming!

Then an Amnesia brew at Laughing Planet where the dinosaur almost got it!

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