Monday, March 30, 2009

.city love.

the trees are blooming here in portland and on the beautiful sunny sundays, after the random downpours, urban hiking is a top priority

we took a hike with michael up to pittock mansion, the great view also lead to a great long hike, we effing love portland!

Benny especially likes portland in the spring, who doesn't?

there's more and more urban knitting going on in portland, i absolutely LOVE it!


Leslie said...

I would rather be in Pretty Portland right now than in Flooding Freezing Fgo:)

fanatizzare said...

I second Leslie. I am going to Oregon on my honeymoon in September and I really wish that was happening RIGHT NOW instead of being here in the floods and the blizzards. Especially since it seems like Spring actually came for you guys. Still waiting here... ;)

Also, urban knitting? Haha. That's great. Makes me want to pick up my needles and have a go at it again.