Thursday, March 17, 2011

.croagh patrick.

is located right outside Westport in County Mayo, Ireland. 

It is the site where they say St. Patrick spent a 40 day fast, 
and at the end of that fast it is said that he banished
all demons and snakes from Ireland.

During the summer solstice, people come from far and wide
as a pilgrimage to this sacred and holy place. 
Back in the day, I learned that the pilgrims would hike this
difficult mountain starting at midnight (dark) and barefoot.

Having this beautiful day while in Ireland, 
our group decided to hike this mountain.
There really was no defined path, but we made it up nonetheless!

Having the snow at the top made the steep last part 
of the hike the most difficult. 
It was much scarier on the way down I would have to say!
I couldn't believe that some people have hiked this 
without shoes. I found it quite difficult with the sharp
rocks in my light hikers. The steepness made it even more of a challenge.

So beautiful... of the Irish.+

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