Thursday, March 3, 2011


Ireland is known for quite a few things, 
but if there was something I saw a lot of it was sheep.

The knitwear was fantastic, but with the dollar to euro conversion, 
not so fantastic on my pocket book. 
Fortunately, i found some beautiful Donegal Aran Tweed yarn!

100% Pure New Handspun Wool
Direct from Kilcar, Donegal 

Two hard decisions, one was the color choice 
as all the colors were so full and earthy.
 Lately I have been making a point to buy more blues,
since I typically go with browns and greens.

Second decision was the pattern.
Luckily I found this very versatile pattern at ravelry

I wore it biking yesterday in all the rain 
and it had an added benefit of keeping the rain out of my face 
and directing it from dripping in front because of the ridges!

yeah! Perfect!


Mary Kay said...

Cute! Take a pic of it on your head! :)

JoAnn said...

I agree, Cute! Love the color!