Wednesday, March 2, 2011


ahhh... drenching rain.... 
the best thing i can think of is making the house smell sweet and yummy...
granola time.
this time i ventured to make the granola into bars.
here's how it panned out. (pun intended!)

- honey
- almond butter
- pure vanilla
- oats and rolled barley
- slivered almonds
- coconut shreds
- dried cranberries
- raw sunflower seeds
- unsulfered dried apricots, chopped

they sure looked yummy before the oven

however, they did not come out of the pan as easy as i had hoped
but it still tasted great as granola!

out of my second batch i was able to carefully create 8 whole granola bars!
a bit more work than just buying a box, 
but less garbage and they just seem to taste better! yummmmmmmy.

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