Sunday, June 3, 2007

"Actually, we have a nice little Saturday planned."

Lately there has been this thing missing. It's called sleep. I lie there, and wait. Wait. Wait. I am so tired but can't seem to just sleep. So, instead of tossing I get up, look out the window, and get some things done.
I took Via out for a ride, since I haven't spent much time on her since I bought it. I went to fill the tires and took a stroll around the neighborhood since it was such a beautiful morning. I was on 28th and headed over to Bryant when the tire blew out.
I knew it was going to happen since the tires are really old and cracking, but so soon! I walked her back to our place where Ben had finally emerged from the sleep cave.

Jude was being as wild as ever. I really think she is a human in some ways.
I had a coupon for Dunn Bro's on Bryant and Lake, and since we needed to go in that direction anyway (Penn Cycle) I thought I would swindle Ben into gettin coffee there. There is no pushing him out the door when the day involves cycling, coffee, and blueberry muffins.
While we sat outside we discussed the many issues we have with the american way of life, and how if we were to decide, how we would do things. For example, as we were sitting outside on a beautiful sunny morning, there was enough noise from cars to not hear correctly, the parking lot was very unsightly with pot holes and large vehicles gassing us out, and the continuous topic of "lack of green space." A lot more was said, but I won't go into it!
We then went to Penn Cycle, where a VERY friendly and informative worker took a lot of time with us to answer our questions. Most of the questions were regarding having a repair kit on the bike with spare tubes and a small tool set. I also asked a little about getting a new generator for my front headlight. (The old one didn't work
so I took it off, but kept the headlight, I love the look more than anything.) I also got some attachments I needed to mount my new rear rack on my bike.
This new rack is awesome. It holds in a U-lock under it, has a spring bar system, and has attachments that slide and lock in. Ben has the same rack so we can use the same attachments. I have the basket, and he has a trunk with paniers.
one more time... LOVE.
After all the maintainance we did on the bikes, I took a little nap, and then we hopped a bus to the Edina Art Fair. All day it had looked like showers, but the clouds were rolling in thick and quick so we decided to bus and not bike. Ben is having an issue with riding his new bike in the rain. Blah...
From the art fair we took another bus out to Edina past HWY 100 on 50th street. After begging to spend the night with me, Ben agreed to come with while I babysat. I am glad he came with, otherwise we rarely see eachother. As soon as we walked in the door, it started pooring.
Cece was as cute as ever in her little tutu and ballerina slippers. She is going to be attending a summer ballerina camp and is SO excited.

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