Wednesday, June 6, 2007


¡Ay, caramba! That wind was pretty strong today. Coming around some of the buildings downtown, I almost got knocked right over! Other than that, I had a marvelous ride.

I did get a chance to take Marie in for some wheel truing, and it was just as Ben and I suspected. The front wheel had a slight wobble. A mere $10 later... I was on the road. Unlike a minor car expense that could run $300 or so. Makes me smile :) Look at her pretty spokes... we had to stop for a picture.

A topic I would like to touch on today is my bell. You can see it in the picture to the left.
Ben bought me the bell when we were in Europe. It's a cute little frog (yet to be named, and he is facing the other direction). I love it and think it really completes the bike, however, it will not quit ringing!
I really like the old school bells that are metal and have the "cha-ching" sound instead of the modern ones that you snap and have the "ding" sound. My little frog seems to "speak up" on every pot hole, seam, and curb I go over.
FYI, if you hear someone approaching with a ringing bell, no fears! It's me, and my frog, just saying "Hello!"

Miles today (so far): 10.6

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