Friday, June 8, 2007

The people I meet...

On my rides there has been various times I have had converstations with people. I just had to get these in print before they slipped my mind.

Scene: Me and Via at Lake of the Isles. I am lying in the grass, taking a nap. I am really awake, it just looks like I am sleeping. A guy walks by and says,

"baby!...... baby?........oh, dang, you're sleepin'........... can I come lay by you?......... ah, yeah, snap!"

I stayed and didn't move, acted like I was sleeping. hehe.

Scene: Me at a stop light cross walk on Lyndale across from the Walker Art Center.
Converstation with homeless man on a bench:

Him: "All black people are not bad"

Me: "You are talking to the wrong person, I know that silly"

Him: "Ok"

Me: "You have a wonderful day!"

Him: "Do you know how you could make my day wonderful?

Me: "How?"

Him: "If you were in my life"

Aw.... shucks.

Check out Overheard In Minneapolis, people say silly things!

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