Monday, June 11, 2007

I think the weekend was a hit!

Oh, Jude... not my scotch.

On Saturday morning, after my glorious yoga class (of 24, packed house!) I return home to find Ben ready to go.... where you ask?

I guess.... Chanhassen. He made plans to meet our family (Brother, sister, sister-in-law, niece and nephew) at a little park out there. Big ride! Yes. I guess this will suffice as training for the trek we are going to take in a few weeks (from Fargo to his parents lake cabin ~ 50 miles or so).

We were against the wind the whole way there, but it did only take us about 1 hour and 15 minutes. (I was coasting most of the way behind Ben!)

It was a good time... we even built sand castles! And the way home we were with the wind, and I got up to 29 mph... pretty fast for me.

I saw a lot of friends this weekend... too bad I do not have pictures to prove it.

Friday I saw Lauren, Saturday my friend Rachel from Bismarck, and Sunday Ben and I had breakfast with Brenda (a friend from H.S.) and her fiance Bryan to talk about wedding subjects.

It was a great weekend spent outside. The rest of Sunday We spent at Lake Calhoun. And YES, we bring our cat and treat her like a dog. She loves it out there and even climbed a tree (on a leash of course!). She also got a lot of attention with other cat owners who want to do the same thing. I think maybe the small dogs are out, and bringing your cat is in... we will see if it catches on.


easymovet said...

i love the super scruffy dude reading a Dell catalog, classic juxtoposition

Darcy said...

You should have seen him in person... classic hippy :)