Saturday, June 16, 2007


Did you ever notice....
  • how when you are walking down the street and looking at people in their cars, that there is usually just one person per car?.... They sure are taking up a lot of space on the roads! (Especially those people who think Hummers are cool, who really needs that much room?)

  • how in various places (eh, downtown) the bike lanes just end.... thowing bikers out to the vast sea of cars?

how many bikers are so "serious" in going fast and passing people? I have taken the cruise and burst out in song approach.

  • how many people think that they can play their music as loud as they would like in their cars, thinking that it does not bother anyone. I think the only reason for that is they are protected from the outside world, so once foot is stepped into their safe-haven (car) they can do whatever the (blank) they want.

  • how people will get so angry at cyclists while driving because it might add 5 seconds to their commute, because they might have to "pass with care" instead of slamming on the gass pedal and taking us out?

  • how people on bikes are usually a lot less stressed? It's because we give ourselves plenty of time to get where we need to be. Unlike our car-culture where "I need to be from point A to B in the fastest time possible!"

  • how cyclists obey traffic laws and usually tend to observe more around them then the caged in monkeys? (people in their tin cars, for those of you who didn't quite understand)

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