Friday, June 1, 2007

Recent theft means "In with the new!"

This past memorial day weekend, I flew down to Houston, Texas to visit a friend who recently moved, got engaged, and is now getting married in September. I am in her wedding so I thought it would be a grand idea to visit before hand, to work out some details. The details ended up being, getting sun burnt and very drunk... anyway...

(Picture: Jess and Josh)

On my glorious return home on Monday evening, I am welcomed to a letter on our door at the entrance to our condo stating that there had been a recent theft. Stealing... gosh. But, it gets worse, the purps stole bikes!

I rush into our place and Ben is there waiting for me. Here's the situation...

Me: "Not my bike, right?"
Ben: "No, but I do have some bad news"
Me: "Oh, man... what?"
Ben: "My bike was stolen, and our mountain bike"
Me: flip out... pissed... grumble.

After the storm of furry calmed down, I find that it didn't just happen one night. The thieves came back 3 nights in a row, and the last time, actually cut a lock to get the bike.

Why did they not steal my two bikes. My theory is that they were too "girly" or "old" for them... Just my case - in - point. To some people vintage is ugly and worthless, but to people like me... it's priceless.

The two bikes of Ben's that were stolen was his new 2005 Giant (that we just accessorized to the max, ugh) and our older Gary Fischer with folding crates on the back. Ben wasn't too heart broken, since the day before, him and his bike had a fabulous time in the great city of MPLS. They went on a long, all-day ride together on a beautiful day.

So.... the replacement. This was Ben's prime opportunity to buy a new bike that was exactly what he desired. He ended up with a orange Bianchi commuter bike. I think the best part is the seat, which has a strip of leopard print fabric. All the necessary "extras" are now being put in place, and I really think this new Bianchi is the mode of transportation of his dreams. LOVE.

BTW... we are car-free, by choice, with many reasons. More, of course, will come in future posts.

So, tonight, Ben and I spent at home fixing, cleaning, and accessorizing our bikes, since now they are positioned in our living room (also, more on that later). Along with a great meal (eggplant, red onion, portobello mushroom, red pepper, and spinach grilled sandwiches), and Heineken that Ben brought home.

Sign off.

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Jeff said...

I dig this shot! Although I can't help but think of that movie line whenever I see Heineken...