Wednesday, June 27, 2007

miles of shoulders

This will be short and sweet... we packed up our bikes, tent and swimsuits in a rental Subaru outback and drove 3.5 hours to Cormorant Lake. The day was beautiful. We met Ben's friend John from Fargo, he left his car and we rode together another 40 minutes to Fargo for the night.

Early Saturday morning we took off from West Fargo after a little bike maintenance. Our planned ride was about 50-60 miles depending on how we felt and the temp outside. The first 25 miles was flat... it was intimidating seeing in the distance, then the hills. The final 25 miles had various hills and at one point we were just climbing... ahhhh. All in all, I got to see what the shoulders of roads look like and feel like close up?!?!

We made the 50 miles from West Fargo to Cormorant Lake in a little under 4 hours, with two major (5-10 minute) water/fruit breaks. Not bad! We all thought we could go more but the heat was rising and many body parts were numb and needed a break!
The sunsets never disappoint here.
On Sunday we packed up and headed out of town, but not before visiting my friend Kate and her husband Justin. Kate just delivered her first baby on June 17th, 2 weeks before their one year wedding anniversary!
Eleanor Lori Fosberg was a little gem, while Kate didn't look happier. I can tell already she is going to be an amazing mom!



Kayla Schramm said...

Kate's a mom! I haven't talked to her forever. Next time you see her and/or talk to her, tell her congrats from me if you think of it! Her little one is precious!

Bl@ck Coffee said...

A sunset photo is never complete without a silhouette.