Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Boo... Sad.

There are various other topics I would prefer to write about, however, something that makes me sad:
  • Marie has a wobbly tire.... :( This means one more trip to Penn Cycle this week. How many times can I go in one week you ask... well, so far 3.

It started when I (and Ben) installed the new rack with the U-lock. I was riding to work on Monday morning when I sat up to go no-handed and signal a turn, when my front wheel started shaking or wobbling! Not enough to tip me over, but enough to not be able to ride hands free.

So Ben and I checked the wheel, and sure enough there is a slight wobble to it, which I think means it needs truing. I do not have the tools, or the knowledge for that mattter, so better bring it in!

One good thing about this, is Via gets more use. We went to Lake of the Isles yesterday and I drew some more drafts of tattoos. For being chilly, it sure was beautiful when the sun came out!


P.S. I would like to start logging my miles every day, but I need to configure my trip meter. Does anyone know of a good counter I could get on this blog?

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