Saturday, January 12, 2008


Recently on some occasional outings, Ben would bring along some beers, in case we wanted to pull over and sip a brew while people watching in a park somewhere. To tag along two bottle beers in a messenger bag is not the smartest idea, they are glass! So Ben had this genius idea to put the bottles in socks. He had some lonely-the-dryer-ate-the-other-one socks and it worked great! We even started keeping the beers in socks at home in the fridge and drinking out of them in our very own living room! They doubled to keep the beer cold, our fingers warm, and no coaster... it was a genius idea, I say genius!
I couldn't let him get all the credit however! I decided to crochet two beer cozies, just to make a statement :) I basically crocheted a flat circle and then just rounds to whatever height, then I crocheted a small rubber band in the last round at the top. They work better than the socks, imho ;}
I cross-stitched the skull and...
embroidered the up-side-down mushroom.

Another fantastic discovery we made here in PDX is the growler. Monday night we went out to Laurelwood NW Public House and had some fantastically brewed beers! To my delight we also were informed that this yummy treat could be brought home and stored in your own fridge. What a concept! We purchased the 64 oz growler and became part of the club (refills are cheaper if you bring back the jug). Awesome!

Less waste as well! No bottles to take into the bottle deposit, just filler-up!

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Scott said...

You are really making me miss Portland with your new life there! I visited and biked everywhere in the summer of 2006. I miss Powells, the Library, and all the cool breweries and FARMERS MARKETS!!! Wait 'til summer when you can buy fresh peaches and blueberries the size of large grapes! It's a great breakfast.

I have two other clients who bike a lot who are saving up for a summer move to Portland.

My partner and I have been doing a lot more DIY and Vegan things too lately. Michael just learned how to make his own granola, and I'm making my own shampoos.

Keep up the great things!

-Scott Schumacher