Monday, January 21, 2008


Breaking away from the crocheting for a bit, I did a little sewing. I am not a seamstress, but I do like to dabble in a lot of things. I do not work off patterns well (I really do not know how to use patterns) so I usually just wing it. I have made quite a few things, some turn out and some don't! During my time in Bismarck, I stopped by a local nickel-and-dime store that was going out of business. I picked up six 1/2 yard cotton fabrics for around $2. I loved the patterns! I made two larger bags that have served me very well at the grocery store, and just hauling things around in general!

My intention was to make them reversible, which definitely worked, but I usually don't reverse them! They are a perfect length from handle to ground for my height, maximum use of space!

I just love the fabric on either side of this bag.

We hiked Forest Park this weekend. It was a nice hike before the colder weather set in. Well, cold for here (30's). I guess if you compare it to what we are used to, it's tropical!

I could have spent all day outside. I love it! (But I don't love hiking boots) boots and bags.+

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Ben said...

You may not love your boots, but I <3 my new boots.