Tuesday, January 15, 2008

cold feet.

Another notable change in the process of adapting to a new climate and home is warmth. In our condo in MPLS, we were on the first floor, the boiler was right below us, so even in the dead of winter, we kept a window cracked because it was so warm.
Now, being on the 5th floor, with only one radiator and single pane windows, it gets a little chilly. I have always had "hot feet syndrome". If my feet were warm or hot, I was seriously uncomfortable. Shoes, covers, anything! My feet were so sensitive! Now, they are basically just cold all the time.
I made these fun little slippers from an altered pattern found here. Something was off, either my yarn or my needle gauge, but I didn't have room for the strap, so they just became these simple slippers that provide just enough warmth!
+.peace.love.warm toes.+

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