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I am running really low on yarn so with some random pieces I have left I have been making some scarflets. They are truly simple and take less yarn than most hats! Plus I have so many earrings that do not have pairs, it is a great way to make them into buttons while mix and matching the crazy color yarn.
I used my jewelry tools to bend the studs of the earrings into loops, then hand sew them right on to the scarflet! The best part is, I do not intentionally crochet any button holes. I use a standard double crochet and it leaves enough room to button the scarflet however I choose :)

This one I did with two colors of yarn. It's about 2/3 brown and 1/3 green. The button is one of three very heavy vintage ones I received in a bag of random jewelry, I love this one!
(I can take these pictures of me modeling my crafts by use of a mirror... except it takes 30 tries to get it right on... there has to be a better way!)
I am buying some yarn today from someone selling two laundry baskets full on craigslist.portland. I am getting a steal for $25... I am super interested with to see all the kind of yarn there might be! I love recycling and being thrifty... I might as well use something someone else is not going to use :)
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