Saturday, January 5, 2008


On the job front... there really hasn't been any leads up until yesterday, someone actually called back! I do have an interview next week and I will update all the juicy details when that all happens! In the meantime, I had a very crafty Friday on my hands.

Made of two 12"x12" scrap booking paper, folded in such a way that POOF! an instant gift box! I made some of these while visiting ND, my mother-in-law was so kind as to share the pattern... they are great!
Looking inside
For the holidays, I received an Origami Calendar as a gift from my mother. I have been keeping up on the days and yesterday I finished this cute little suit! (Then as we were headed out the door to go have a drink, Ben could not find his $21 that he had in his wallet, I just gave him a smug grin and handed him the suit!)

I have also been doing a little drawing. When we were home (in Bismarck) I picked up some used colored pencils from the garage of my in-laws. After sorting and organizing I found within the colored pencil madness, a set that I really like! They are just fantastic, so I couldn't help but draw a few pictures. My most comfortable picture to draw (when testing out supplies) is always a tree... hence...

This is a little colored pencil tote I sewed about a year ago... it has served me well, and it was super easy to make. My favorite part is probably the adorable little elephant button that holds the ribbon in place. love.

I always have the problem that my sketch books are just a little too big, so in light of that dilemma, I created a half-size sketch book. I took a regular sketch pad, halved all the sheets, hole punched and covered two cardboard pieces (a little bigger than the paper size) in fabric with fabric glue and Modge Podge. I bound the book with those metal rings that open, this way I can easily remove pictures without tearing any pages!

The silk I used buckled a little, so next time I wouldn't use that type of fabric.

And, the fabric I used on the inner covers was white with blue print. I covered it in Modge Podge thinking it would be stronger, but it made the fabric see through and it made the cardboard too wet so it wanted to dry in an arch shape. I had to put some heavy bottles on it while it was drying to make the panels flat. I know better for next time!

This doesn't include the crocheting I did... that is another day, another post.


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