Thursday, January 10, 2008


Living an earth friendly lifestyle is something I work on everyday. I try to implement various ways of doing things that create less waste and energy usage. I love using freecycle and craigslist, and this week I was successful at purchasing some yarn, a bunch of yarn, for a really reasonable (cheap) price! I never know the colors I am going to get, which is fine because I usually don't know the projects I am going to do either. It seems to work out in the end.
Speaking of being green, this week I purchased a french press coffee maker. I am loving it so far and can really taste a difference in the boldness of the coffee. Since I don't have to plug anything in now, I feel better! (Except the coffee grinder, which, I would love to get a hand grinder, but that's a whole other day!)

I take a while to finish the coffee and without an electric pot warmer, it seemed to get cool faster than I would like, so....... I made a cozy! It's made out of this really soft, warm yarn and I edged it with a rough brown. I also added two buttons to keep it snugly attached to the pot.

Yum, yum! Now all that's missing is a little soy milk and I have my favorite drink!
peace coffee+

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