Friday, January 11, 2008


People make lots of new year's resolutions. Mine however have nothing to do with the ordinary. Most of the time it is about organization (mind, body or stuff). Since organization is a year round task for me, it's usually never a resolution.

When I saw this post by Craft Chi, it made me realize one area I was lacking in the organization! My embroidery thread. So, I took charge and made an easy way to find the colors with out all the knots!

1. Cut cardstock into 1.5"x2" cards

2. Use a corner rounder (
link) to round corners of cards

3. Use a circle punch (link) to make half circles on both sides of the cards (this is where the thread wraps in)

4. I used a punch that has various circles on the top (link) for a useful/creative flare

5. For the threads that still had their numbers, I labeled it at the bottom of the cards

6. Separate by color and use the big metal loops to put them all together for easy organization!

P.S. My resolution this year is to wash my face and floss before going to bed. It just seems to make more sense than doing it in the morning :)

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