Wednesday, January 9, 2008


I have been a pattern maniac lately. I recently stopped into Powell's Books here in Portland, and spent 90 minutes just looking at crochet books. I just couldn't get myself to purchase one until I checked out the library.

Portland Central Library

My library card is in hand today, and while the library does have a huge selection, about 80% of the books on crocheting were checked out. Bummer. I did snag one small one with some fun patterns I will have to try out. In the meantime, I have been finding patterns online:) There are some super craftsters out there who share their unique patterns. Lucky me!
The flower coasters and mini puff blossoms are from Teresa Franco Design. She designed these and put the pattern out there for all us crocheters! Thanks!

I had this crazy multicolored yarn I had no idea what to do with... I figured it out pretty quickly... my version of the flower coasters (above).
The flower blossoms are so easy! I made a few of them and put arranged them on top of a pencil that I wrapped in green yarn. The bouquet sits on my window sill. smile.
I also made one into a bracelet. This is my first time crocheting jewelry. I really want to branch out into this, we will see later if I follow through! flowers+

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